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Your New Sales Channel

ProductPro makes it easier than ever to work with thousands of e-commerce retailers without wasting time or money. Upload your products, and influential online retailers can easily add products to their store.Your images, descriptions, pricing, and inventory counts are included as well – all automated in real-time.


Ready to join a network of influential online retailers? Apply today and take the first step towards reaching 85% of all online retailers. 


Increased Margins

Suppliers who dropship through online retailers earn 20% more on dropshipping items sold, as comapred to wholesale. Our network of merchants are seeking to list, market, and sell your products.


Maintain Control

ProductPro enables you to manage and work with thousands of retailers interested in selling your products. Throughout this relationship, you maintain complete control of your brand and product details.


Increased Awareness

Our retailers serve loyal customers with insanely high buying power. These established customer bases are effective marketers for suppliers selling through these retailers.


Seamless Integration

Today, ProductPro integrates with Shopify, giving you access to over 600,000 retailers on the platform. By the end of the year, we'll be on all major e-commerce platforms. Covering 85% of online retailers.


Simple Product Management

Easily add your products to our catalog in bulk through CSV upload or through one of our e-commerce platform integrations. At any time you can unpublish, edit, or add to your collections.


Winning Products

The ProductPro conducts extensive market research to bring you the products customers are looking for. Find plenty of trending products in the app.

Product Distribution + ProductPro

Traditional distribution sales channels are valuable because they connect products with stores that have established customer bases, but there are long payment terms and a declining number of stores.

Online marketplaces like Amazon are valuable because they allow you to reach millions of potential customers with a single listing,but controlling your brand and product listings can become burdensome.

Selling direct through your website usually means higher margins and more control over the end-to-end experience, but driving traffic to your website through advertising can be expensive and challenging to manage.   

ProductPro combines the advantages of traditional sales channels and offers a new opportunity to grow your own brand.

How It Works

Upload your product listings to ProductPro

This includes product titles, descriptions, images, and inventory. All pulled in automatically through CSV upload or e-commerce platform integration.
Online retailers easily pull your listing into their online store

Once your products are live, our retailers can add your products to their store with the click of a button.

Take advantage of the online retailer’s loyal customer base & marketing efforts.

You now have access to loyal customer bases that were previously unavailable to you. We unite your brand with top online retailers and watch the synergies grow both businesses.

With ProductPro, the only difference your team should notice is more orders coming through!

I'm Crown Jewelry and I signed up with ProductPro to offer my products to other Shopify retailers. I offer various jewelry products from Women's Rings, Earrings and Necklaces to Men's Watches and Bracelets. I am very pleased with the team and support they've given so far and they seem to always be available via phone and email when I reach out. Uploading products is very easy and they even give me the ability to price protect my products. Very happy with the experience so far

Crown Jewelry

ProductPro Supplier

Diversify Your Distribution

Reach new customers, increase e-commerce revenue, and sell more products online.