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Your New Distribution Channel

Sports and fitness products have an increasing demand in online retail. Are you a supplier looking to diversfy their distribution channel? Reach hundreds of thousands of online merchants who want to sell your products through ProductPro. ProductPro offers an increase in brand awareness, higher margins, and complete control over brand & product details. Join the future of product distribution.

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Increase Brand Awareness

The sports and fitness industry has experienced consistent growth in online sales over the past 7 years. What does that mean for you as a supplier? Access to hundreds of thousands of online stores in your industry. The end result is increased brand awreness and marketing exposure. These online stores maintan esablished customer bases that were previously unavailable to you. With ProductPro, you are able to tap into this vast market.


Higher Margins

With almost 1 million online merchants in this industry, there is exponential demand from retailers who are constantly searching for new supplier partnerships to fulfill the products their customers are asking for. As a supplier, dropshipping with these online stores means more profits. Suppliers earn 20% more on dropshipping items sold, as comapred to wholesale. Our network of merchants are seeking to list, market, and sell your products.


Brand Equity

Online store owners in the sports and fitness industry serve customers with insanely high buying power. Customers are loyal to these retailers and become the most effective marketers for a supplier's brand. You've never been able to access this group of consumers, until now. Join ProductPro to begin building relationships with retailers and watching both of your synergies grow.

Diversifying Your Distribution


Industry Insight

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E-commerce Distribution + ProductPro

Traditional distribution sales channels are valuable because they connect products with stores that have established customer bases, but there are long payment terms and a declining number of stores.

Online marketplaces like Amazon are valuable because they allow you to reach millions of potential customers with a single listing,but controlling your brand and product listings can become burdensome.

Selling direct through your website usually means higher margins and more control over the end-to-end experience, but driving traffic to your website through advertising can be expensive and challenging to manage.   

ProductPro combines the advantages of traditional sales channels and offers a new opportunity to grow your own brand.

How Does It Work?

  1. Upload your product listings to ProductPro
  2. Influential online retailers easily pull your listing into their online store
  3. Take advantage of the online retailer’s loyal customer base & marketing efforts.
As the sports and fitness industry continues to grow, we need new ways to diversify our existing distribution channels. ProductPro turned out to be the perfect solution for us.


Sports and Fitness Distributor


The Future of E-commerce

ProductPro is building the future of e-commerce by uniting experienced, trustworthy suppliers with influential online retailers with established customer bases. Ready to increase your distribution?

Welcome to better dropshipping.

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