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About us

Get to know our past, present, and future.

F13 Works, the parent company of ProductPro, was created when our CEO Chris Sentz encountered a problem. He had success selling online, but there was no way to expand his product base while maintaining quality and efficiency.

This is where we come in. F13 Works exists to empower independent suppliers and e-commerce stores to conquer large entities like Amazon and Walmart. By uniting suppliers and millions of e-commerce stores, we shift market power into the hands of independent entities.

Today, we have develped a software solution that connects independent e-commerce retailers with high-quality products from our network of trusted suppliers.

This software solution is ProductPro. Suppliers import their products onto the platform, and online store owners can browse, select, and sell those products on their own sales channels.

Right now, ProductPro is an app on the Shopify App Store.

As we connect with more suppliers and independent e-commerce retailers, ProductPro will expand to new platforms and market.

Meet our team

Chris Sentz


Digital solutions leader with a background in the development and implementation of customer-facing growth initiatives.


Ryan Mayhan


Web developer with a focus on application security and data protection. Experienced in tackling advanced tech projects.


Paul Tepfenhart

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Entrepreneurial sales executive with years of acheivement nd demonstrated success driving growth with sales leadership.


Austin Murphy

Director of Technology

Experienced full stack front end web/app developer with 10+ years of professional experience in UX and front end design and development.


Myron Goldsmith

Digital Marketing Specialist

Seasoned digital marketer with experience in brand development, social media marketing, consumer outreach initiatives, and content creation.

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