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Your New Distribution Channel

The jewelry and accessories product category is experiencing substantial growth in online retail. Suppliers are beginning to see a larger portion of their sales, profits, and customers come from online retail. Discover how dropshipping with ProductPro can diversify your distribution and build brand awareness. 

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Increase Brand Awareness

A growing and dynamic market, the jewelry industry is expected to exprience 5 to 6 percent growth each year through 2020. Did you know the United States is still the largets market in this industry? Vendors are adding e-commerce as a new distribution channel, and loving the results. ProductPro offers you access to this expanding market, allowing you to diversify and grow as a vendor.


Higher Margins

Online retailers have a secret weapon. They carry with them an army of loyal, engaged customers with a vast amount of buying power. Right now, you don't have access to this group of consumers, but with ProductPro you can. Watch as online merchants become your new marketing team, building awareness and increasing your own customer reach. The end result? Higher margins and more profits for your brand. Suppliers who choose dropshipping through ProductPro earn 20% more profits than traditional wholesalers.


Brand Equity

With over 200,000 jewelry merchants online, it's apparent that retailers are finding success in the industry. Supplying your products to these retailers not only diversifies your sales channels, but it grants you more brand equity. The more retailers listing your products, the higher SEO ranking you can expect. Managing relationships with this expansive group of merchants is simple with ProductPro. Seemlessly control product listings and orders with our e-commerce solution.

Diversifying Your Distribution

Industry Insight


E-commerce Distribution + ProductPro

Traditional distribution sales channels are valuable because they connect products with stores that have established customer bases, but there are long payment terms and a declining number of stores.

Online marketplaces like Amazon are valuable because they allow you to reach millions of potential customers with a single listing,but controlling your brand and product listings can become burdensome.

Selling direct through your website usually means higher margins and more control over the end-to-end experience, but driving traffic to your website through advertising can be expensive and challenging to manage.   

ProductPro combines the advantages of traditional sales channels and offers a new opportunity to grow your own brand.

How Does It Work?

  1. Upload your product listings to ProductPro
  2. Influential online retailers easily pull your listing into their online store
  3. Take advantage of the online retailer’s loyal customer base & marketing efforts.
I've been wanting to step into e-commerce distribution for a while, but hadn't found a solution that offers complete control, until ProductPro. Controlling who lists my products allows me to increase distribution, without putting my brand at risk.

Rick Mendez

Jewelry Distributor


The Future of E-commerce

ProductPro is building the future of e-commerce by uniting experienced, trustworthy suppliers with influential online retailers with established customer bases. Ready to increase your distribution?

Welcome to better dropshipping.

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