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FAQ for ProductPro Users

A quick guide for any users who have joined ProductPro or may be interested in joining.

Intro to ProductPro

ProductPro is revolutionizing product sourcing in e-commerce. We've built a network of reliable, experienced, and trustworthy suppliers offering thousands of high-quality products. Online store owners who join ProductPro can browse, list, and sell any of these products on their online store in minutes.

By vetting all of our suppliers for verified product quality, fulfillment time, and margin potential, we guarantee that our product catalog meets you and your customers' standards and expectation.

Welcome to Better Dropshipping.

Shopify App

How can I use ProductPro on Shopify?

Shopify users can install the ProductPro app on Shopify to access our catalog and begin selling products.

Is ProductPro available on any other e-commerce platforms.

At the moment, we only offer Shopify integrations. We have plans to expand to WooCommerce in the near future.


Why do products cards say “Subscribe for Access”?

A subscription plan is required to add products to your store. Please add a card on file and select a subscription plan to begin adding products to your store.

How can I search for products on ProductPro?

On the top menu, open the ‘Products’ dropdown and select ‘Find products for my shop.’Our search function offers various methods for browsing the ProductPro catalog for products you are interested in.

  • Keyword Search - Enter keywords for products in this search field. (Shoes, Tools, Shirts, etc.)
  • Category Selection - Select the category button to open a dropdown menu containing all product lines in our catalog.
  • Advanced Search - Sort products by price, MSRP, shipping location, and shipping cost.

All three methods can be combined when searching for products within the app.

Where can I find customizable products?

Use the video below to locate our collection of customizable products.


How do i edit products before importing them to my Shopify store?

On the product cards, select ‘Edit and add to store’ to edit product title, description, and view shipping information.

Where can I see shipping information for products?

After clicking the ‘Edit and add to store’ scroll down to the ‘Product Options’ section and click the ‘View Shipping Costs’ link for shipping information for that specific product.

This section contains estimated delivery times for domestic and international shipping, as well as shipping costs.

Do all products offer international shipping?

NO. Some products only offer domestic shipping. Please view shipping information for before adding products to your Shopify store.

Where can I see products I’ve added to my store?

Upon opening the ‘Products’ tab from the top menu, select ‘My shop products’

How long does it take products to import to my store?

It can take anyway from 30 seconds to 2 minutes for products to populate in your Shopify store.

Do I need to change anything once a product is added to my store?

You may change product title, description, price, images, collections, and tags. Do not change any fulfillment or provider information associated with products.

Why is product inventory listed as N/A?

Products who have their inventory listed as N/A means that the supplier does not track inventory. However, the items are in stock and ready to be sold.

Can I message suppliers about products?

Yes. Visit the ‘Messages’ tab on the top menu to leave messages for suppliers and the ProductPro team.


How do I set up my account?

In the top-right of the app, click on your email for a dropdown menu and click the ‘Account’ tab.

*You may have to dismiss notifications for the Account tab to appear.

The account tab allows you to enter the following information:

  • Store Profile

  • Billing Information

  • Subscription Plan

  • Promo Codes

  • Packing Information

When will I be billed for products?

We will only bill you for products when a customer places an order for products that were added from ProductPro. Automated billing occurs twice a day, and all charges will be billed to the card on file for your account.

When will I be billed for subscriptions?

Once a card is on file and a subscription plan has been selected, your card will be billed immediately. Please note that you do not need a card on file for free trials, but you will need a card on file to process any and all orders.


Where can I see orders for ProductPro products?
The ‘Orders’ tab in the top menu hosts all orders containing products from ProductPro.

Will customers receive notifications for their orders?

Customers will receive standard notifications from Shopify regarding their order status. This includes tracking information.

Where can I see updates for orders on ProductPro?

The Orders tab maintains updates for all orders related to ProductPro products.

These are the stages of a typical order:

  • Pending Billing - Our system has detected an order for a product from ProductPro and will charge your card on file during the next billing cycle to begin processing the order.
  • Ordered - The supplier has received the order and is preparing the products for shipment.
  • Shipped - The order has been shipped by the supplier to be delivered to the end customer.
  • Delivered - The order has been delivered to the end customer.

If you have any questions or concerns about order status, please use the in-app messaging system.

Are orders automatically fulfilled?

Yes. Our system automatically processes, bills, and fulfills all orders for products within the application.

When an order is placed, do not change fulfillment status within your Shopify admin.

We will update fulfillment status automatically on our end.

What happens if an order contains products from ProductPro and products from another app?

ProductPro only fulfills products that are from our catalog. We will not fulfill or alter any products that do not belong to our system. If an order contains products from outside of ProductPro, you may see a ‘Partially Fulfilled’ status on the order if we fulfill our products before the other suppliers/apps.

Can I change the shipping address after an order is placed?

Due to the nature of our system, we are unable to guarantee successful alteration of shipping addresses after an order is placed. If you need to update a shipping address, please reach out to our team via email or in-app messaging ASAP, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What is your return policy?

We require all suppliers to fully refund any orders with damaged, missing, or incorrect products. Anything outside of those scenarios are at the discression of the Shopify user.

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