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Writing Great About Us Pages

Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk on how great leaders inspire action carries one important message; start with Why. In most instances, we look to start our sales pitches, propositions, and introductions with who we are. Sinek proposes that start with Why, rather than Who, What, or How, allows you to define purpose while elevating yourself amongst competitors. In this post, we’ll explore how to find your Why and how you can use this message to construct effective About Us pages that will have customers ready to make a purchase.

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5 Products Trending for Mother's Day

Listed as the third most popular U.S. holiday, Mother’s Day is a favorite of many independent e-commerce retailers. This is most likely because women in general have incredible buying power. A report by Greenfield found that in 91% of new home purchases, women were the deciding demographic. How can you cash in on this lucrative holiday? Let’s look at five products that are expected to be hot-sellers leading up to Mother’s Day.

No Inventory Required: 3 Low-Investment Niche Stores You Can Start With ProductPro

Handling inventory and managing shipment can be frustrating when you’re an independent e-commerce retailer. However, ProductPro allows you to focus more on products, marketing, and sales, and less on the logistics of your business. If you’re a beginner in e-commerce the low-investment business ideas we’re sharing here serve as an excellent starting point for your entrepreneurial journey.

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