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ProductPro connects Shopify users with thousands of high-quality products from our trusted supplier network.


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We place a great deal of focus on helping our users succeed. Read what some of our top customers have to say about their ProductPro experience.


We love using ProductPro. It has been a pleasure working with Carly and staff for they have provided excellent customer service to us. We get answers to our questions quick and on point. They are a real professional company. When suppliers drop the ball, ProductPro makes up for it.


Best product sourcing app I've used. Everything is from theUS and the support is instant. We opened our store in 2018 and have grown significantly through the holidays it was great to have the support from the product pro staff and be able to call a US number to get help when we needed it. Lots of product selection though we mosly use apparel including some of the precreated designs. Customers have been happy with products received and I look forward to adding more products as we grow our store.

Everything Smoke Tattoo

I've been using productPro for about 2 months now and I'm really pleased with the service. They have a wide selection of products and the App is very easy to use. I would Highly recommend ProductPro to anyone looking to start there online business or fill there stores with more inventory. Fast customer service response and very easy to work with. Im really happy and pleased, Thank You!!!

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