Episode 4 - Taking a Product From Concept to Market


This week we're joined by Andrew Lien. Co-founder and Partner at Launch Labs, a small team of engineers, designers, and strategists that specializes in developing and delivering new products & brands to the world.

They do research, design & develop products and launch stuff into the market.

Andrew shares his journey of launching his first product, the Juiceboxx MacBook Charger Case. Hear the pain points, lessons learned, and insightful advice he encountered throughout this journey.



Episode 3 - Online Retail's Landscape

Understanding how consumer behavior has shifted in online retail. Web traffic is increasing, but conversion rates are dropping. Why is that? How should retailers react? All these answers and more on episode 3 of the Product Pain Points Podcast.



Episode 2 - Extended vs. Endless Aisle

Big names like Amazon and Wal-Mart have found great success through adopting the "endless aisle" ideology. Myron and Chris discuss how large companies like Victoria's Secret can benefit from this concept, as well as smaller, independent e-commerce retailers.



Episode 1 - Holiday Shipping

Following the end of Q4, Chris and Myron discuss the highs and lows of holiday shipping for independent online retailers. Some suppliers delivered (no pun intended), while other dropped the ball big time. Hear their thoughts on this and more, all in 15 minutes or less.


Product Pain Points Podcast

Chris and Myron discuss e-commerce related news, tips, and resources on the Product Pain Points Podcast. Both bring fresh perspectives to the show. Chris is a veteran in online retail, having built multiple 6-figuire online stores on various platforms and marketplaces. Myron offers the perspective of a novice in e-commerce as he continues to grow his first e-commerce store and apparel brand, Throws Chat. Join them every week as they cover all things e-commerce in 15 minutes or less!

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